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Get Your Annual Bike Tune Up

bike-rimsWe’re closing in on that time of the year where we get blasted with requests for bike tune-ups.

Beat the rush and and be ready for the season by getting your bike tuned now!

Tuning your bike each year is no different than maintaining an automobile with the exception that we seldom need more than a single tuning each year. And besides the obvious advantage of extending the life of your bike, we’re also inspecting parts beyond the tuning process for wear and stress. Early detection is the same as preventive maintenance. Spotting a problem before it becomes a major issue can save you time and money.

Bike Tuning

  • Full Tune – $40

Included: Adjust shifting and brakes, Bottom bracket, Headset bearings, Lube, Hubs, Tire pressure.

Wheel truing may be an additional charge.