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It’s Summer Time!

summer-time-fun As residents of this great place we call the U.P., we all know our summer months provide some of the most gorgeous weather across the entire nation. And we challenge everyone to get out and actively enjoy this summer while it’s here.

At Brampton Bike and Ski we promote an active and healthy lifestyle. Leading an active lifestyle provides both physical and mental health benefits and the activity doesn’t always have to always be a grueling marathon.

The simple act of casually exploring your own neighborhood on a bicycle is more than just a great way to relax and relieve stress. You can develop muscle tone, and increase cardio, all in an environment that has minimal impact on your joints.

Runners often find themselves turning to a bicycle later in their years as joint pain develops from year of running and they still choose to pursue their active lifestyle.

Bicycling not your style?

We also offer a full line of summer sports gear like Disc Golf and Skateboarding. And for those who enjoy the water we have a great selection of Stand Up Paddleboards, also known as SUP, and SUP paddles to get you on the water.

Regardless of what your favorite outdoor activity is, take some time to get outside and enjoy the endless resources we have locally in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

We hope to see you out there!