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elliptigo When you’re active your fitness level is priority. Getting fit is only half of the issue. Staying fit, especially if your sports are summer oriented, takes a lot of dedication and can be tedious.

At Brampton Bike and Ski we understand the need to be active or at minimum stay fit through the entire year. That’s why we offer an entire line of fitness products that are influenced by cycling and skiing.

Our Elliptigo is designed to simulate the very motions of cycling and running in a low impact environment with maximum output. The motion is very fluid and highly effective.

Our fitness line continues with treadmills by Landice, exercise bikes, and balance bikes. We can get you started with the machine that best replicates your preferred sport.

Besides the long winter months these products are great for those periods of rainy or stormy weather when you can still get your heart pumping in the comfort of your own home.

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